Beard Oil

Rogue SideShow Beard oil was formulated with your beards health in mind. Using high quality oils that not only "feed" your beard, it also softens and makes that burly man beard more manageable. It has a slight scent of eucalyptus to wake up your senses but is not over powering.

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Mmustache wax open tin
beard balm open tin

Mustache Wax

My mustache wax was made to help keep your mustache whiskers in check. Apply a small amount to your whiskers and style away. As always I use only high quality ingredients to bring you the best product possible.

Full review by:  Darrian Greer on YouTube (salty language included)

Rogue Sideshow Pomade Co.

Beard Balm

If you have an unruly beard you need Rogue SideShows Beard Balm! Made with Bees Wax, Lanolin and other beard "feeding" oil it's sure keep your beard under control as well as promote growth. The beard balm has a nice spiced fragrance to help promote your man-hood even further.