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Rogue Sideshow Heavy is by far the weirdest product I have ever put in my hair. That's not a bad thing, it's just something I have never experienced before in a pomade and this stuff is 100% unique
1st off, the scent is friggin Sexy. Kings gold, it's like cologne - ey, berry, goodness, or something like that.
It's scoops out and and breaks down like nothing, but when it gets in the hair it thickens up out of nowhere and gets SUUUUPER sticky.
The overall hold felt like a lighter medium, but the stickiness was the same kind of stickiness you'd experience in a heavy. The shine is just SUPERB!!! And overall my hair does feel a lot lighter than expected considering this product is called a heavy.
This stuff is unlike anything else, and I never thought I'd see heavy stickiness in a product that feels so light. Ben Coley your products are unlike anything else. I appreciate your creativity man and your scents are just AMAZING. I wish I would have tried this stuff with longer hair, I'm sure it would have made one heck of a pomp. Keep up the brewing.              Cameron Alexander

Austin Daniels with blue tin
Cameron Alexander with black tin

greasereviewer_Today I will be looking at @roguesideshow_pomade_co medium hold made by Ben Coley. Hombrewed here in Arizona.
Presentation/Scent This pomade comes in a sliver tin weighting in at 3.75 oz. The design is beautiful. It's blue with the words Rogue SideShow pomade on the top and bottom and Premium Brand written in the middle. It is not printed on a label, it's actually imprinted on to the tin. This attention to detail is top notch. Ben calls the scent KnoxBerry. According to his discription it is fresh fruit and blackberry. This scent is my favorite fruity scent of all time. To me it smells exactly like Fruit Stipes Gum. It stays all day.

Application/Styling The grease scoops out with no effort at all. Spreads into butter and goes into the hair very smoothly. Combing through this pomade there is no tug or pull at all. My part was very sharp and my hair was styled in seconds!

Hold/Shine This pomade is advertised as a medium hold and that's what it is. My hair held all day without needing to recomb. With these cold temperatures it did not melt at all. The pomade has a ver nice medium shine.

Overall I really enjoy this pomade. Ben is a very talented Brewer. Its a very solid medium that everyone should have in their collection!  

           Jony Castillo


Jony Castillo with black tin montage

I don't think Rogue Side Show gets the amount of love it should. This stuff is amazing! From the light to the heavy. This line is definitely underestimated. These are some of the smoothest applying pomades I've used and yes, even the heavy. The scents are amazing and the shine is effin shiny! This is by far the creamiest medium I've used. I'm tellin you all, you're missing out if you don't own Rogue Side Show! Plus.. Ben Coley is one of the coolest guys I know! Amazing dood, amazing product! Get on it people!          Austin Daniel

Fire Eater first run
5 out of 5 stars     
This pomade is listed as a medium, but for my straight fine/thin hair it acted as more of a light medium. It had a medium shine, and it felt like I had nothing in my hair at all, which I liked since other pomades feel like my hair is weighted. The smell was listed as 'napalm in the morning' and I would describe it as a cinnamon mixed with a powder smell, which made for a much cleaner scent that I liked. This will definitely be in my regular rotation.   Reviewed by Bryan Haydon on February 12, 2016

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Medium Pomade Review by: Cameron Alexander